Learn How to Read the Energy Star Label on Windows

October 16, 2014

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How to read the Energy Star Sticker

Interpreting the NFRC LabelNFRC LabelThe “NFRC” Sticker for Energy Efficiency

The information on NFRC window stickers is as important as the mile per gallon sticker on an automobile.  These labels tell us important window properties such as insulation value, solar heat gain and visible light transmission.


U-Factor measures the heat from INSIDE a room that can escape.  Since U-Factor is the inverse of R-Value, the lower the number the lower the potential for wasted heating expenses.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

SHGC measures the amount of OUTDOOR heat that can enter a room due to passive solar heat gain.  The lower the number the lower the potential for wasting cooling expenses.

 Visible Transmittance (VT)

VT measures how much natural light can come into a room.  A high number means more natural light and less electricity wasted for lighting a room.

Design Pressure Rating (DP Rating)

DP Ratings measures a window’s ability to resist air infiltration, water penetration, forced entry and overall structural strength.  The higher the number the better a window is able to protect against drafts, leaks and break-in.

Look for the Energy Star Sticker on Windows to comparethe energy efficiency of different windowsAlthough Energy Star test ratings can be confusing, I recommend you take the time to learn about the energy efficiency of your new window before you buy, or you could be disappointed in how comfortable your home is and how much you are still spending on heating and cooling costs.

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