Milanese Remodeling Recognized by the PA House of Representatives

April 27, 2017
Millanese Remodeling receives honary citation from the PA House of Representatvies

At Milanese Remodeling, we are thankful for having had the opportunity to serve Chester County for decades. March 28, 2017 marked our 60 year anniversary. The Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce helped the Milanese family celebrate this special occasion by hosting a Founder’s Day event at the showroom. The date also marks Gabe Milanese Sr’s birthday.

Our cofounder Jackie Milanese was at the event to accept a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Citation.

Presented by the PA House of Representatives Tim Hennessey and Harry Lewis Jr., this honorable mention recognizes Milanese Remodeling’s commitment to providing top-notch service without losing site of our core value: to improve lives for members of our community.

Adhering to the Highest Standards of Service

Citation awarded to Milanese RemodelingProviding exemplary service to our neighbors has always been a priority at Milanese Remodeling. We are happy that the House of Representatives has recognized us for this.

As Tim Hennessey read the citation, we were swelling with pride. The speech included:

The House of Representatives of Pennsylvania is always proud to recognize those businesses which, through adherence to the highest standards of service, contribute to the well-being of their communities and ultimately to all the people of the Commonwealth…Milanese Remodeling is celebrating the momentous occasion of its sixtieth anniversary during a Founder’s Day event…the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania congratulates Milanese Remodeling upon this joyous and momentous occasion…”

See the complete text in the photo. We look forward to continuing to keep tradition alive by providing our community with quality service and operating with integrity and vision.

60 Years of Proud Service

Don’t miss this slideshow roundup about the history of Milanese Remodeling:

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