Milanese Celebrates 65 Years of Home Remodeling in Chester County

October 28, 2022

Since 1957, Milanese has been providing quality home remodeling in and around Chester County. That is 65 years of keeping homes warmer with better insulating energy-efficient windows and siding and helping create beautiful outdoor living spaces.

Here’s a snapshot of Milanese over the last six decades.

Three Generations of Remodeling

Jackie & Gabe Milanese started it all in 1957, at the same time they started their family. (Photo 1957, Jackie, Gabe & Daughter Linda – at the very beginning.)

In the beginning, Gabe & Jackie offered aluminum Windows, Doors, and Awnings -all designed to make homes more energy efficient, with less maintenance than wood storm windows and doors, or canvas awnings. When Gabe introduced Aluminum Siding, he gave homeowners the opportunity to reduce maintenance costs. Some homes still have the original siding he installed over 60 years ago!

Their sons, Gabe Jr. (who served as President for over 25 years before his untimely passing in 2013), Michael, and Mark have continued to add to this legacy with their dedication and passion for tradition.

The Next Generation

The third generation of the Milanese family has already stepped up to carry on the history and integrity of the family business and continue the Milanese Remodeling tradition. We see a great future still ahead for Milanese Remodeling, thanks to our clients and the strong moral compass passed on by our founders – Jackie & Gabe Milanese.

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