Replacing 2 Awnings With 1 Extra Large Retractable Pergola

August 10, 2018

One of our favorite things about awnings is that they’re not one-size-fits-all solutions—they’re totally customizable! Recently, we had the chance to work on a project for a client. They had two separate awnings, one fairly large pergola, and one small, outdated retractable awning.

We took away those two awnings and replaced them with one very large retractable pergola. This combines the best qualities of both in one!

Check out the Milanese team in action.

A Custom Awning to Protect The Family From Sun & Rain

We enjoyed creating a haven for this family to escape! Now, they have a pergola that looks sturdy and elegant and at the push of a button, they can extend the awning. No matter how intense the sun gets, and even if it rains, this family can enjoy their time outside.

before and after replacing a small retractable awning and larger pergola with one very large retractable pergola

Get Your Pergola Awning

To learn more about our pergola awnings, visit our pergola page. You can also contact Milanese Remodeling to get the ball rolling for your custom awning.

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