Dreaming of playing the Masters? Gabe Milanese Did It!

April 8, 2018
I Never Went This Far in My Dreams...

I Never Went This Far in My Dreams… “Big Gabe” Milanese

Gabe Milanese at Augusta Country Club

Big Gabe Milanese at Augusta Country Club – March 19, 2003

If you’re watching the Masters Tournament and dreaming of playing the course at Augusta Country Club, remember everything is possible. After all, a poor, fatherless boy from Caln Township grew up to start his own family, be a father to 6 children, start a succesful business and play Augusta! Gabe Milanese played Augusta – the same course where Masters Champions have made Golf history – in March of 2003. AND he accomplished so much more than he could ever dream possible…

After Bubba Watson won his  first Masters Tournament he was asked,  “Does it feel as good as you dreamed?”

“I never went so far in my dreams”,  Bubba replied.

Gabe Milanese Sr also never dreamed he would go so far…


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First seen in DWM Magazine – Mark Milanese, Author