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October 6, 2014

Consumer Ratings Top Pick for Best Buy, Replacement Window Installation in Chester County, PA CategoryConsumer Ratings Dares You to Compare Window Installers


Consumer Ratings selects Milanese Remodeling INC as their Top Pick for the Best Buy in the Replacement Window installer category for Chester County, PA…

Consumer Ratings dares you to compare our top pick for window installation in Chester County, PA.  It is never a bad idea to get a second opinion.  Now that you have the knowledge of what to look for in a Window Installation Company, feel free to compare.

Fill out this chart with alternative Installation Company’s traits and attributes to compare how other installation companies compare to Milanese Remodeling INC, the Consumer Ratings Best Buy selection, so you can find the best window installation company in Chester County, PA. 

If you find a better choice we want to know!

Comparison Company Name:_______________________________________________

Fully Insured 
Installation Master
AAMA Certified
Better Business Bureau 
10+ Years in Business 
100+ Satisfied References 
Normal Business Hours 
Knowledgeable Staff 
Friendly Customer Service 
Service After the Sale 

Consumer Ratings Top Pick: Milanese Remodeling INC


LicensedPA Contractor License #12670
Fully InsuredWorkers Compensation PLUS
$4,000,000 General Liability Insurance
Installation Master
AAMA Certified
Milanese was one of the first to receive AAMA Installation Master Certification
Better Business BureauA Rating
10+ Years in BusinessOver 55 Years in Business
100+ Satisfied ReferencesOver 2,500 Verified References
Showroom50 Broad Street, Caln, PA 19320
Normal Business Hours9-5 Monday – Friday
Knowledgeable StaffCertified Installation Master
Friendly Customer ServiceFamily Owned and Operated
Service After the Sale100% Service Resolution Rating


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2014 Consumer Ratings Best Buy Replacement Windows Chester County PA Edition