Backyard Patio Design Tips

May 19, 2015

Design Tips from Mark Milanese

The Best Backyard Patio for Cool Outdoor Living!

This episode of “Cool Outdoor Living” is hosted by Mark Milanese and features the home of David & Marcie Todd in Downingtown, PA.  

The First step to enjoying “Cool Outdoor Living” is to determine if a Deck or Patio is the right choice for the floor.  Whenever the back door is only a few feet from the ground outside, Mark Milanese recomends a  Patio.  This patio features:

  • The Natural Look of Real Stone
  • Water Feature – Pondless WaterFountain
  • Built-in Seating – Quarter Circle wall with End Tables
  • Walkway to Driveway
  • Landing at Existing Patio Room and Laundry Door

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