6 Ways to Customize Your Patio

February 26, 2020

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Your family is unique, and it only makes sense that your patio should be as well! With so many options available for adding personality to your outdoor space, there’s no reason to settle for a one-size-fits-all patio.

Too many people live their lives not realizing that any activity you do inside, you can do outside in the fresh air. Many of our customers find it helpful to view their patio as an outdoor living room. Depending on how you like to spend your time, it can also be your outdoor dining area and/or kitchen! Plus, you can add just as much personality in your exterior decor as you do inside your home.

  1. Sturdy Awning in DowningtownCover it Up With an Awning: Not only do awnings look great, but they also help extend the time you can spend outside. Whether it’s blazing hot or pouring down rain, your awning can offer some relief–certain awnings can even protect you against snow! And with so many different types of awnings to choose from, you’re bound to find one that suits you!
  2. Spruce it Up With Some Decor: Decorating is not just for the interior! Adding some weather-friendly cushions, potted plants, or candles can add a personal touch to your exterior that makes it feel homey and unique to you. Shop until you find patio furniture that makes you happy. Think about what you like to do when relaxing in your home, and look for outdoor versions of the furniture you use to do it. You can add a table and chairs to eat and play games, or a sofa and coffee table for reading a book while enjoying a cup of tea.
  3. Add an Outdoor Bar, Kitchen, or Pizza Oven: If like many of us, your social activities revolve around food, you may want to set up your patio so that you have everything you need to prepare meals outdoors! Add in an outdoor kitchen or pizza oven, or consider installing your very own outdoor bar.
  4. Outdoor TVs and Music: Whether you want to share a funny video during a pool party, stream the big game during a barbecue, or simply enjoy watching movies in the great outdoors, an outdoor television can be a great way to add some entertainment to your patio. You may also consider adding an exterior surround sound system to add a new dimension to your TV or music.
  5. Keeping warm on a chilly fall night in Chester CountyTemperature and Lighting Control: Get more enjoyment from the outdoors by controlling the temperature and lighting. Everyone loves gathering around a bonfire after the sun goes down. Infrared heaters keep it warm in winter while misting fans cool you off on hot days. Lighting can allow you to stay up late and spend time outdoors with your friends and family.
  6. Consider a Water Feature: A fountain or a coy pond can add an unexpected element to your exterior.

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