5 Reasons to Install a Copper Awning

September 28, 2018

copper awningCopper is a versatile metal that’s always low maintenance and stylish. Whether treated to stay shiny and bright gold, or left to develop a natural green patina like Lady Liberty, copper requires surprisingly little upkeep.

Like all awnings, copper awnings add a bit of style to complete the look of a patio or porch. By blocking out the sun, they can also keep the inside of your home cool in the summer. Copper also offers unique advantages over other awning materials.

Benefits to Choosing a Copper Awning

  1. Its Beauty is Striking: If treated with a sealant, copper will remain shiny and orangey gold. You can also choose to leave it untreated, and it will develop a distinctive green color, called a patina.
  2. It’s Durable: When compared to other materials, copper tends to fare much better against the elements.
  3. It Protects You From Rain and Sun: It adds a layer of protection so your family and friends can enjoy time outside despite the sun and rain.
  4. It’s Low-Maintenance: Whether allowed to develop a green patina, or treated to stay shiny, copper is practically maintenance-free!
  5. It Complements Nearly Any Home: Copper’s warm tones make it a lovely complement to brick, stucco, or wood while providing a contrast to homes finished in cooler tones.

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Keep in mind, most of these benefits apply to all awnings! Milanese offers a number of options for awnings, all of which will improve your outdoor living.

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