The Milanese Family Thanks You for Your Support in 2020

January 15, 2021

It’s been a challenging year, so we’re glad to say, “Farewell 2020 and Happy New Year!”

All of us at Milanese Remodeling are grateful to our clients for helping us make it through this tough time. We’re happy we helped so many of our clients make the best of the time they spent at home in 2020.

Outdoor Living

More people than ever before asked us to help them enjoy the outdoors at home. Homeowners and commercial clients sure did want to go outside in 2020! We designed and installed new patios and decks.

We installed awnings for shade, to keep clients cool. Many of our projects included a rainproof & windproof pergola or screen room, so weather and bugs didn’t chase our homeowners back inside. Our clients also kept warm and extended their outdoor living season with a new fireplace or smokeless fire pit.

Exterior Remodeling

Outside of a red housePeople stayed home and looked at their house, more than ever this year. After a good look at their home, they realized they needed new windows, siding, doors & roofing and called on us to make the place where they live more beautiful, energy-efficient, and easier to maintain.

Farewell, 2020!

We tried our best in 2020. We dealt with COVID-19, government shutdowns, staffing challenges, supply chain issues, and more. We overcame these problems as best we could. We’re thankful for all of the residents of Chester County who chose us to improve their homes last year. We’re proud of the projects we completed. Thank you for your support and for trusting us with your business!

We tried our best to accommodate everyone and we apologize to any of you we couldn’t help in 2020.

Please contact us early, so we can put your project on our 2021 Installation Schedule.

Our New Year’s resolution is to do even better for our clients in 2021!

Your business has been one of the many blessings for our family and all of our teammates in 2020. Working with our customers continues to be one of our greatest joys. We hope that each one of you enjoyed the holidays and keep looking up as we continue through 2021.

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