Pergola Awnings in Chester County, PA

September 30, 2015

Milanese Pergola Awnings shade the sun & provide shelter from rain with retractable fabric.

Pergola Awnings on YouTube

Pergola Awnings on YouTube

The Milanese Pergola Awning is the natural evolution of the traditional pergola. The pergola is a beautiful structure consisting of columns, beams, rafters & purlins. The problem is, the pergola doesn’t give our deck or patio shade from the sun or shelter. By adding retractable fabric, we can improve the pergola with shade from the sun & shelter from the rain.

Milanese pergola awnings use the same structural components as a traditional pergola. The columns, beams & rafters give Milanese pergola awnings the structural strength  to cover virtually any size deck or patio.  Milanese pergola awnings can protect the largest deck or patio from sun and rain, even during high winds. When you want to see the stars at night or let sun into the house in winter, you can retract the fabric. The Milanese pergola awnings are fun and easy to use and help you enjoy outdoor living.

Learn more about Milanese pergola awnings by scheduling an appointment with the sun control xxperts, Milanese Remodeling

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