Decks Downingtown


Decks, Fencing and Railings

With the help of Milanese Remodeling, your favorite retreat will be to your own yard. We’ll help you create the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted. Consult our Chester County design team to model your dream deck to the specifics of your Downingtown property.

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Accessorize your outdoor space with our multiple amenities. We provide everything from fire pits to outdoor kitchens. We’ll even install arbors or privacy fencing to keep your yard and deck secure.

Replace outdated or worn deck boards and railings on an existing deck with new ones. For half the price, you’ll get a brand new deck to improve your property.

New life…under your deck. Zip-Up UnderDeck utilizes the space under your deck to its best ability. By installing a finished ceiling under the deck boards, this invention creates another outdoor living area. Place a grill, extra seating, or storage items below your deck and rest assured that the area is protected from rain.

Pergolas, Awnings, Gazebos and Arbors

European Style Awning for LivingNo deck is complete without a shaded area, so be sure to include an awning, pergola, gazebo, or arbors in your design. These items allow you to get the most our of your deck installation by making your deck functional in all types of weather. Additionally, shading protects your deck and furniture from potential damage or wearing. Your guests will certainly appreciate an outdoor area safe from rain and heat. Check out our deck designs in nearby West Chester for ideas.

Porch Railings & Columns

  • Vinyl columns & railings are beautiful and eliminate much of the concern that accompanies other building materials. With vinyl, you’ll never have to worry about paint chipping, rotting, or termite attacks.
  • Aluminum railings are classic and sturdy options for Downingtown deck owners. They provide plenty of support for guests and residents and require no maintenance. We also install these items in neighboring Phoenixville.