Siding Materials

Your Choices, Your Look, Your Budget

Selecting the best material for your siding can be a difficult choice for many reasons, particularly your budget. With advancements in technology and quality of materials over the years, you can’t go wrong with any of our options. The manufacturer stands by its warranty, just as we do. However, there are certain characteristics you need to be aware of when making your choice. Below is the high-level pros and cons of our siding options.


Wood Siding


  • Has a nice aesthetic

  • Is a renewable resource and environmentally conscious


  • Requires frequent painting and maintenance

  • Susceptible to wood rot

  • High risk of mildew and mold growth

Aluminum Siding


  • Can be recycled

  • Can be painted, repainted and is generally low maintenance


  • Easily dents and scratches

  • Makes “pinging” noise when expanding with summer heat or dealing with heavy winds

  • Color fading occurs with time and will eventually require painting

  • Lacks aesthetic grain of vinyl

Fiber Cement Siding


  • Resistant to fungus and UV damage

  • Holds up well with time and requires little maintenance

  • One of the eco-friendliest siding choices


  • Components are wood and cement, not fiberglass

  • Is one of the most expensive siding options

  • May have a wavy appearance

  • Installation must meet stringent standards to qualify for warranty

  • Warranty is only 15 years

  • Routine maintenance is necessary to keep paint fresh

  • Minimal energy saving benefits unless paired with sheathing products

  •  Prone to cracking, chipping and moisture retention- which leads to mold and rot

Insulated Siding


  • Reduces outside noise (keeps it quiet inside 24/7)

  • Reduces energy use and increased efficiency

  • Keeps home warmer in winter and cooler in summer

  •  Durable composition. Reliable insulation materials that will hold up better in windy conditions

  • Better color and style options than wood, fiber cement and aluminum

  • Is a natural insect repellent

  • Keeps siding straight, eliminating waves and buckling

  • Backed by Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty

  • Impervious to water damage, cracking or chipping.

  •  Requires little maintenance


  • Costs more than non-insulated siding

Insulated siding is clearly a popular choice, as it provides top durability and protection, without sacrificing style.