Deck Awnings


Outdoor living begins… with an awning for the deck!

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Deck and Patio Awnings Video

You built your deck so that you could spend more time outdoors, but strong sun rays and heavy rain storms may make it difficult to take advantage of your investment. That’s why Milanese Remodeling offers awnings for decks. Expand your living space outside, reduce energy costs inside, and enjoy your custom designed deck awning.

Milanese can install a wide variety of deck awnings, including the latest Italian style awnings and retractable awnings.

European Style Awnings

Pergola Style Awnings

Awning Party

Retractable Awnings

stationary awnings

Stationary Awnings

traditional structure awnings

Traditional Structure

Choosing the Right Deck Awning

 The Benefits of Deck Awnings

  • Provide protection from direct sun rays and rainy weather.
  • Keep the space cool and dry.
  • Help to keep your home cooler and reduce air conditioning costs.
  • Reduce solar heat gain by 90%
  • Lower Indoor Temperatures by 10-15%
  • Save up to 25% on Air Conditioning Costs

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