What does your Dream Home look like?

We’ve been turning houses into dream homes since 1957. Let Milanese Remodeling turn your house into your Dream Home. We love to make your home remodeling project a fun experience!

Is it a Chester County farmhouse? Maybe you prefer a grand Victorian…or a classic Colonial. Do you dream of living in a resort bungalow, a fresh contemporary or a cozy cottage?

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Today’s siding is available in more styles and colors than ever before. You also have more accessories to choose from. Milanese Remodeling can create virtually any architectural style you can dream of! There are many factors to consider when you are looking at new siding to cover the exterior walls of your home or business.

Siding Cost. The biggest influences on the cost of siding are the extent of the scope of work, quality of installation and the value of products you select.

Siding Installation is the most overlooked detail when it comes to replacing siding, even though it may be the single most important factor determining customer satisfaction. In order for new siding to remain beautiful, defend against water penetration and air infiltration, insulate against heat loss and withstand high winds and heavy rain over the long term, the siding must be installed correctly.

Siding Types. Siding for the exterior walls of your property can be manufactured of wood, fiber cement, aluminum, steel and vinyl. Masonry, such as natural stone veneers, cultured stone, and brick face, can be added to the exterior walls during a siding installation. The materials you select will impact future maintenance and appearance of your property.

Siding Vapor Barrier. Dupont Tyvek Homewrap is designed to keep moisture out and allow water vapor to escape, even in a well-insulated home. Vapor barrier will defend against water penetration and also help avoid moist conditions inside of your house walls that can cause mold and mildew, which may trigger respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

Siding Insulation. It will never be more affordable to insulate your house than when you are installing new siding. Fullback insulation will improve the appearance, durability, energy savings and comfort. Unlike other insulation alternatives, the excellent permeability of Fullback insulation protects against wood rot, mold and mildew. Fullback insulation’s built-in pest control agent also deters against pest infestation.

Siding Styles. You will choose from historically correct Clapboard & Dutch-lap styles, Colonial Beaded, Craftsman Cedar Shake, Victorian Scalloped or Rustic Board & Batten styles. You may decide to mix and match styles to create the one-of-a-kind look you are dreaming of.

Siding Colors. Today’s vinyl siding industry has the capability of creating virtually ANY color you can imagine! You will choose your own colors for your home’s siding, trim and accessories.

Siding Accessories. Now you can choose from a huge variety of accessories to make your home one-of-a-kind. Shutters, Gable vents, light plates, window and door casings, mantles and headers (with or without keystones), pilasters, dentil moldings, crown moldings, porch posts, columns, railings.


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